Challenge Me

Well friends, I might regret this, but I’m asking you to challenge me to find solutions!
Want to convert to a shampoo bar but CBA finding a good one? Challenge me to test them.
Fancied turning an old garment into a new sustainable… thing?! Challenge me to find a way!
Don’t have time to go to work, then figure out how to do “package-free shopping” but want to reduce your waste? Challenge me to find the how!
Want to make your own cosmetics but don’t want to end up looking like the clown from I.T?! CHALLENGE ME.
Whether you are looking for a review, tips, DIY or corner-cutting advice – I will do my best to take on the challenge and give you a helping hand with your carbon handprint !
So what are you waiting for?! You can contact me here or on any of my social media channels.