Carbon Handprint

What is my Carbon Handprint?

“What is my Carbon Handprint?” I hear you ask.
Wait don’t you mean Carbon Footprint?
Nooo I mean Carbon Handprint.
Is that the handprint reference in your blog title?
Why yes – how observant of you and thank goodness you got that – I was worried people would think it was about –
Crafts? Painted hand pictures? Yeah. I did.
Ah okay… cool… Should probably explain then eh?
Yeah… might be a start.

Ah the mysterious Carbon Handprint. The less-well-known of the two extremity related carbon measurements. The other being the “Carbon Footprint”.

In order to understand what your Carbon Handprint is it’s easier to first explain what your Carbon Footprint is. And no, it isn’t what Santa leaves as he comes down your chimney – although I’m sure that sleigh certainly contributes… *slow, awkward laugh*

The phrase “Carbon Footprint” is one that gets used a lot by companies and by those who try and encourage others to make sustainable or environmentally friendly changes. The emphasis is usually on reducing it.

To put it simply your personal Carbon Footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions induced as a result of your actions and choices. For example, your electricity use, the food you eat, the way you travel. Some choices emit more greenhouse gasses than others.

You can think of your Carbon Footprint as a measure of your negative impact on the environment and the goal is to have as small a Carbon Footprint as possible.

Your Carbon Handprint is a measurement of all the actions you take and choices you make to reduce your Carbon Footprint and have a positive impact on the environment, the planet – your home! Essentially, how you’re giving the planet a big hive five or a helping hand! (Get it now? A Helping Handprint?)

The dream, and really the only way we can continue to live on this planet, (sorry but need to serve some hard truths) is to grow our handprints larger than our footprints.

A daunting challenge, BUT, as it is all measured that means that all actions, no matter how small, will make a difference to your handprint – and once you’ve mastered one change, you can move on to the next and before you know it you have a giant handprint and you can high five everyone all at once… or y’know slap them all… but it’ll be your choice because… you’ve earned it!

I’d like to slap you…
Nice… thanks.

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