5 Easy but High-impact ways to help the Planet

*Turns around slowly in chair* Ah… I’ve been expecting you. So, you want to save your home do you…. Well….


Maybe you’re a seasoned eco-warrior or maybe you’re just starting out! Either way below is 5 of the most High-Impact but easy ways you can fight against Climate Change and help the planet.

  1. Don’t waste food
    Eat it, freeze it and eat it at a later date, share it, but don’t throw it away! Roughly 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted (ref) That makes me so sick I almost don’t want to eat the food… but I’ll freeze it. Even vegetable peelings/tops/stalks can be saved and made into vegetable stock! That’s free stock and use of something that would have been discarded! Double. Win.

  2. Buy less
    Consumerism (buying stuff to you and me) has a huge negative impact on the planet’s natural resources, water supplies, and ecosystems. So next time you go to buy something, ask yourself – That new top, do I really need it? Do I need that gadget that plays music and says funny things but also gathers all my data and will belch toxins when it ends up in landfill? Do I neeeeddd 129 sock drawer organisers because a cute show on Netflix told me my life would be better if I did? Probably not, byyee! The best way to reduce clutter and save money it to just not buy it!

  3. Ditch the car – or at least share it
    Try replacing some of your journeys with public transport or active travel (cycling, walking, razor skooter-ing for a real throwback). Not only will this have less impact on the planet, you can focus on being mindful or thinking about what nice snacks you’ll eat that day.
    If you need to go somewhere by car, try and coordinate it so you can either catch a lift or give a lift to someone else. Think about it – if you and a friend or colleague are going to the same event and were both planning on taking a car you can half both your carbon footprints, half the money on petrol AND have some great chat (or awkward weather chat…) if you share the journey. What a treat!

  4. Swap Meat for Plants
    Urrrghhhh – I hear you groan. I know, I know. I’ve heard it so many times before – “I’m not going to be one of those ‘vegans’”. I’m not telling you to! You don’t need to give up ALL your meat and dairy to make a change, but why not try and go veggie for a month? Or eat meat as a treat once a week? Or chose a plant-based alternative to milk? Or even try meat-free Monday as a start? It’s a sore one but food production is one of the biggest drivers of climate change and, as such, it is one of the most effective changes you can make (around a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are from food production and much of those are due to the production of meat and dairy products – ref). Cutting down on meat and dairy products also cuts costs with grains, beans and vegetables often being cheaper. Again – Double. Win!

  5. Use your Voice
    One of your most important tools is your voice (or keyboard). Sign a petition in aid of climate change (or start one). You might think one signature won’t make a difference but thousands of “one signatures” do! There are LOADS of these firing around social media or websites like Change.org .
    Next time you are at the ballot box (and please, please make sure you go for goodness sake) vote for parties that put the environment at the forefront!
    TALK about climate change and sustainability. Tell people it’s happening. Tell people they can help! The more people you can convince to take action, the more we can help our home – the planet! So talk, talk, talk (and share this blog post if you like!)

If you chose to take on any of these challenges, please let me know! I would love to hear how you get on, including any questions you have, so please comment below or let me know on any of my channels!

2 thoughts on “5 Easy but High-impact ways to help the Planet

  1. An inspiring blog Gemma! More good will come from this.
    I hope it might help to re-establish the need for all of us to tackle roadside littering and encourage your followers to “fly the flag”.It angered me recently to see a “white van” slow down approaching the nearby road bridge. The driver’s window was open and he proceeded to launch a plastic bag of rubbish straight into the river. Sadly it looked so well practiced.
    Keep up the great effort! Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi John!

      Thanks for your comment – I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

      Littering is a terrible act and it’s definately distressing to see it in action. Not only is it unsightly and a danger to wildlife, it’s massively expensive to manage for local councils. It was estimated that in 2015 the cost of picking up litter in Britain was £1billion! Imagine how much good could have been done if this could have been invested in improvements to recycling schemes or local services!
      Littering also adds to the issue of toxic leaching into the environment. It really is a nasty habit that has to be stopped.
      If you’re interested in tackling this issue the Great British Spring Clean is taking place between 22 March – 23 April 2019. They run campaigns and litter picks across Britain and you can even organise your own! You can find out more about this here: http://www.keepbritaintidy.org/get-involved/support-our-campaigns/great-british-spring-clean

      Thanks again for reading! 🙂


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